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Reproduced, with the Society's permission, from the 1992 Journal of The Creggan Local History Society

1st March 1991 Annual dinner took place in the Ravensdale Hotel.
7th May 1991 Launch of the Cardinal O'Fiaich Memorial Issue of the Creggan Journal.
27th May 1991 Annual Outing -; Ulster American Folk Park
-----------------Gortin History Park,
-----------------Tyrone Crystal Factory.
17th August 1991 Open Day at Creggan Church and Graveyard.
24th August 1991 Don Carlos O'Neill - 12th Marquis de la Cranja, 5th Marquis de la Norte and Conde de Benejiar, with his son Don Carlos (Jnr), his daughters Dona Macarena and Dona Patricia visited Creggan Graveyard and surrounding area for the first time.
Don Carlos was presented with the Cardinal O'Fiaich journal as a memento of his visit to Creggan.
7th Sept. 1991 Creggan Historical Society Exhibition in Crossmaglen Enterprise Centre.
8th Sept. 1991 Ecumenical Service in Creggan Church.

7th Feb. 1991 Ethel Fitzpatrick - The Life and Times of Scan O'Casey.
7th March 1991 Dr. Jim Mallory, Q.U.B.- Gold of the Scythians.

Obituary of our Members since 1984.

Mr. John Hannon, Crossmaglen, died 29/5/1987.
Mr. Edward Richardson, Moybane, Crossmaglen, died 29/12/1987.
Mr. Patrick McArdle, North St., Crossmaglen, died 14/10/1989.
Mr. Michael Joe Duffy, St. Joseph's Place, Crossmaglen, died 20/4/1990.

Obituary of our Patron
Cardinal Tomas O'Fiaich, died 8/5/1990