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Creggan History Society

Other Publications

In addition to its annual Journal, the Society has produced the following publications
Title Author Price - pounds sterling
Guide to Creggan Church and Graveyard Kevin McMahon and Jem Murphy - 1988 5 plus 1.50 p&p
Account of the Barony of The Upper Fews in the County of Armagh John Donaldson-1838 (reprinted 1993) 10 plus 1.50 p&p
Creggan - A Celtic Christian Site Geraldine Carville - 1996 8 plus 1.50 P&p
The Famine in Creggan Parish Mary Cumiskey -1998 6 plus 1.50 P&p

Copies available from The Society at the following address:

Michael McShane
Creggan Local History Society
Áras an Chairdinéil ÓFiaich
Slatequarry Road
Co Armagh
BT35 0JH
Telephone: (028 3086 8757)